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    Go Greek with your home interior

    Published on 10 July 2014, Thursday, 2:17 AM

    We can thank the Greeks for a lot of things. They gave us democracy, philosophy, columns and marble arches, not to mention a delicious salad recipe and permission to smash plates without repercussions. They say you must beware Greeks bearing gifts, but from the looks of things, there's worse you can do than accept a present from a Greek. 

    And now there's one more thing we can add to the Greeks' lengthy list of contributions: home design. If you're hoping to make some DIY additions and changes to your house to give it a sophisticated, old-world feel, perhaps take these ideas into consideration.

    Paint by numerals 

    One relatively cost-effective way to make property exude a Mediterranean flavour is by painting a house in the right colours. Part of the character of Greek-style houses is a rustic, almost minimalist architecture. You'll want to choose subdued, even neutral colours that bring to mind the texture and tone of stone. Think light blue and white.

    If you want to create a truly stone-like effect for this coloured interior, install stone effect or terracotta tiles into the floor and wall before you begin painting. 

    Turn your garden into an ancient wonder

    You might not be able to replicate the Hanging Gardens of Babylon or create the mythological Garden of the Hesperides, but that doesn't mean you can't make your garden something special using Greek design. 

    The use of terracotta and stone for walls and paths is again key for your garden DIY, as is making use of archways.

    How to create an archway

    These don't simply have to be located in the garden - why not use them inside the house too for an overall effect?

    You'll need to first cut out the casing of the door frame with a craft knife, and remove the baseboard moulding from the opening. After next adding nailing blocks to the side and top of the opening, add in two pieces of rectangular drywall and pencil in an arch shape. Simply cut the shapes from the drywall with a drywall saw, apply joint compound and add in your arch design. 

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