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    Going with the flow in Papua New Guinea

    Published on 20 July 2017, Thursday, 2:17 PM

    For a large project in Papua New Guinea developing a new head office compound, Australian based company Sustainable Solutions International – SSI – utilised the new TransPort PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter from Kennards Hire Test & Measure.

    GE Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to measure the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe. This could include, potable water, wastewater, cooling and heating water, ultrapure water and liquids, crude oil, refined hydrocarbons, diesel and fuel oils, chemicals or other liquids.

    At no flow conditions, the frequencies of an ultrasonic wave transmitted into a pipe and its reflections from the fluid are the same. Under flowing conditions, the frequency of the reflected wave is different.

    When using the GE ultrasonic flow meter from Kennards Hire Test & Measure a clamp is simply attached on the outside of the pipe. The instrument then indicates the flow in litres per minute or second and its velocity. This non-destructive method eliminates the need to stop the liquid flow of the pipe being tested, cutting the pipe and installing a consumable flow meter, sealing, pressurising and turning the flow back on, saving time and considerable expense.

    A large, multifunction LCD screen presents measured data in alphanumeric format. Functions include flow velocity, volumetric or energy flow rates, and totalised flow in metric units. In graphic mode, the LCD shows both real-time and logged data, which is very useful for reviewing data and observing trends while on site.

    Established in 2004 and with a team of multidisciplinary engineers and scientists, Sustainable Solutions International provide environmentally sustainable and innovative engineering consultancy services and solutions. The company has grown to become a dynamic engineering consultancy with a strong ethical charter to protect the environment.

    SSI has undertaken projects for resorts and leisure, airports, mining oil and gas, manufacturing, residential, commercial and retail, all levels of government, education, and the health and retirement sectors. These projects have been in Australia as well as the Maldives, Dubai, Singapore, East Timor, PNG, Fiji and the USA.

    The GE Ultrasonic Flow Meter from Kennards Hire Test & Measure is ideal for consulting, engineering, plumbing, remedial and mining works.

    Sustainable Solutions International has utilised products from Kennards Hire Test & Measure on a number of projects previously.

    “We were impressed by the scope of equipment available that we could hire for the scope of works for this project,” said Dominic. “Leo De Sousa provided great service and advice and the equipment worked flawlessly,” said Dominic.

    “One of the main benefits of hiring from Kennards Hire Test & Measure is the equipment is independently tested and certified. This is especially important when undertaking commissioning projects.”

    The compound comprised of an office block and complete support infrastructure including wastewater treatment plant, waste management areas, diesel storage and handling area for generators and power supply,” said Dominic Xavier Managing Director SSI.

    “There was also an amenities area, sport and recreation area and pool for the staff,” he added.

    Dominic also explained that Sustainable Solutions International were engaged as the engineering company to design and oversee the development of the water and wastewater treatment plant. They picked up the commissioning of the diesel plant and other infrastructure on-site.

    “We used a range of equipment from Kennards Hire Test & Measure for commissioning including an air velocity meter, light meter and sound meter,” he said.

    “The GE Ultrasonic Flow Meter was primarily utilised to assess flow rates through the diesel system after the lines were flushed and ensure they were free of test water. A minimum flow rate of two litres per second was required. The Ultrasonic Flow Meter from Kennards Hire Test & Measure allowed us to achieve this target.

    “The unit also played a key role in assessing the flow rate and pressure of pumps for the fire equipment,” Dominic added.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.