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    Head contractors in Victoria now required to perform random drug and alcohol testing

    Published on 1 July 2014, Tuesday, 1:02 AM

    To keep construction sites as safe and secure as possible, the Napthine Coalition Government is introducing new requirements for Victorian sites to ensure tighter screenings for drugs and alcohol, announced Minister for Finance Robert Clark last week.

    In response to reports identifying drug distribution, drug abuse and alcohol intoxication on work sites, the Napthine Coalition Government is detailing the Implementation Guidelines to the Victorian Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry to combat the problem.

    These guidelines are now set to include frequent, random alcohol and drug testing on all those working on major Victoria Government projects.

    "The Napthine Government makes no apology for requiring best practice management from our construction partners – we take workplace safety very seriously," stated Mr Clark.

    Those in charge of the various construction sites will have to complete a Health and Safety Management Plan for their site, identifying the various risks involved in their project. If they do not, they risk failing to receive approvals for future projects.

    Head contractors will be required to perform a specific number of random drug and alcohol testings per month, as well as providing detailed information as to how they will be carried out.

    For projects that are larger in scale, site managers will be required to include best practice safety measures such as smartcard technology and CCTV cameras in an effort to prevent fraud and theft occurring onsite. 

    "Fraud and theft have a direct impact on construction costs, which are ultimately and unfairly borne by the taxpayer," Mr Clark said. "These reforms are a further demonstration of the importance of the Napthine Government's construction industry guidelines."

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