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    Hired grinders help prepare for ‘Superjumbo’

    Published on 17 January 2019, Thursday, 4:32 PM

    Concrete grinding machines, from Kennards Concrete Care, are assisting with a construction project that will enable Brisbane International Airport to accommodate Qantas’ new A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

    Baulderstone is undertaking the year-long International Apron and Taxiway Extension (IATE) project, which involves a substantial expansion of the concrete surface.

    High spots ranging from 5mm-45mm have had to be removed from a road base layer before it is covered with 470mm thick concrete.

    Being cement stabilised, the road base is as hard as concrete and this necessitated experimentation with different grinders to determine what would be most effective.

    Initially, a 10in, petrol powered concrete planer was chosen for bulk removal while a heavy duty 240v concrete grinder with 30-grit cup discs performed fine grinding on thicknesses of 2-4mm.

    While these machines were effective, it was decided to speed up the work by introducing a mini loader with polyplaner, capable of removing up to 10mm per pass.

    Baulderstone contract administrator, Noleen Loughran, said they were very happy with the equipment, advice and service provided by the Kennards Concrete Care team in Brisbane.

    “It is good to be presented with different options or suggestions,” she said.

    The business relationship that has developed has seen other equipment hired for the project, including a trailer-mounted 4in pump from Kennards Hire Pump & Power and flex drive pumps from Kennards Hire Bowen Hills following heavy rain.

    Kennards Concrete Care has hire centres in Sydney, Brisbane Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

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