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    Hired roller ‘par-fect’ for new golf centre

    Published on 29 January 2019, Tuesday, 5:35 PM

    A four tonne articulated compact tandem roller from Kennards Hire was used to profile a new, award-winning golf driving range, built on a former rubbish tip site.

    DB & HE Building Services assisted in design and managed the building of the $5 million Thornleigh Golf Centre in Sydney’s north.

    The project resulted in DB & HE Building Services sharing an Australian Steel Institute award for the innovative use of steel in the two storey building housing 56 undercover driving bays.

    As the ground is expected to gradually subside some 500mm over coming years, the steel columns were developed with a jacking system so they can be lowered in 8mm increments to a depth of 1200mm.

    The driving range also features eight greens to make practice more realistic, and the range was carefully profiled so balls automatically roll into an underground return system, which also acts as the range stormwater service.

    David Jones, who operates DB & HE Building Services, said the roller was ideal for the profiling because of its size, manoeuvrability and compaction performance.

    Operator Greg Arundale said it was easy to drive and very comfortable. “Some shake the life out of you, but this one is great,” he said.

    The Kennards’ compaction fleet includes ride-on rollers from 1.5 tonne up to 25 tonne.

    Also available are remote-controlled padfoot trench rollers, remote-controlled compactors, pedestrian rollers, reversible plate compactors and rammers.

    Click here to view our range of compactors and rollers.

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    Nathan Mills
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