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    Home improvement for the minimalist

    Published on 31 March 2016, Thursday, 3:52 AM

    Minimalism is a seriously popular style right now, and it does take a little bit of thought to get right. Keeping storage spaces clean, large areas free of clutter and well-placed furniture looking crisp can be something people struggle with - particularly families with children!

    If you're wanting to change the style of your home to suit the minimalist movement, then there are a few ideals that you should keep in mind. The home improvements detailed below could truly change your life and the environment around your home, because living in a clean and tidy space might prove to be extraordinarily relaxing.

    Does this sound like something you could get into? Well, read on to find some inspiration for your new-found minimalist style:

    1) Clever storage options

    When you're trying to keep living spaces, the kitchen area, bathrooms, a dining room and bedrooms free of the clutter, that interrupts minimalism, ensuring you have sufficient storage options for your belongings is of vital importance.

    Some of the most simple projects you can undertake include bathroom DIY and incorporating new storage around the house. For example, placing a smart and refined set of wicker drawers into a bathroom to store towels and various bathroom products means that space around the basin, shower, bath and floor is not going to be taken up by hairbrushes, nail polish, razors and deodorants.

    Are you envisioning something amazing for your bathrooms?Are you envisioning something amazing for your bathrooms?

    If you have a simple palette scheme in your bathroom, then adding a pop of colour with towels can give a modern edge to the space as well. Why not try a bright blue to match the theme of water? The towel and textile production industry in Australia is worth $2 billion in annual revenue, so you'll be spoilt for choice when looking for Australian-made goods.

    2) Put your books away!

    Finding a place for your beloved books can be a challenge, especially when you have enough to stock an entire library.

    A cleverly designed bookshelf can look stunning, making it a feature of a room.

    To combat your book scattering, creating a bookshelf in a living space can help in a number of ways. For a start, you'll have a lovely place to put your books so they aren't just lying on the ground or on a table somewhere. The shelves can act as a home for any small decorations, such as trophies or photographs of family and friends. A cleverly designed bookshelf can also look stunning, making it a feature around a room.

    Using a nice cut of banksia or ebony wood can be a striking addition to any room, and you can put it all together easily with the help of Kennards Hire. A nine-inch circular saw can help you to cut the wood to size, a 1.2-metre platform ladder will allow you to install the shelving at the right height and a cordless finishing nail gun will put it all together and hold the wood in place.

    3) Create interest with a feature

    You most likely won't want a bookshelf or bookcase in every room, so once your storage has been installed and all of your books and clutter put away, you'll want to use some artwork as a feature around the house.

    The Australian Council for the Arts reports that 1.2 million Aussie children create art outside of their schools, so parents might have more crafts in their homes than they know what to do with!

    Placing artwork around the house allows you to show off a little individualism, and anything modern goes with the minimalist style of the rest of your house. You'll be able to use the same ladder as above to install your art if need be, and a cordless hammer drill can help with securing it all in place.

    Get in touch with Kennards Hire today and make a shift in the right direction for the style of your home.

    Where in your house could art be a feature?Where in your house could art be a feature?
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