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    House Rules: A perfect storm

    Published on 3 July 2015, Friday, 3:19 AM

    While the Queensland weather raged, the House Rules teams fired on all cylinders to complete a fantastic renovation, in which two perfect scores of 10 were awarded by the judges. But, as you'll see, not everyone agrees on what's hot and what's not.

    A category 10

    The dressing room was a major sticking point for the Queensland pair, with Ben saying it was the one thing he wanted done really well for Danielle's sake. The newlywed couple got their wish with an extraordinary zone delivered by Ryan and Marlee.

    In order to open the room up, the couple pulled out their demolition tools and went for a half-wall around the staircase, bringing in light and the 21st century to this 70s home. With less wall space to work with, the couple focused their attention on the ceiling as a point of difference. 

    A chrome and glass pendant hangs in the centre of the stairwell, on a backdrop of wallpaper. Yes - wallpaper on the ceiling! Danielle and judge Wendy both loved the eccentric overhead space, while Ben and judge Joe were a bit more reserved with their praise - maybe it's a girl or guy thing?

    Ryan and Marlee also made clever use of the pitched roof, by creating out-of-the-way storage with racks for hanging clothes. Wendy noted that she had never seen a roof cavity used so effectively. Take note tradies! This could be a great suggestion when you're working on a renovation.

    At the end of the day, Wendy gave away her first perfect 10 to Ryan and Marlee, while Joe gave his away to another couple this week.

    Preppy eclectic

    If, like many of us, you were unsure what 'preppy eclectic' might look like, all you have to do is look at Cassie and Matt's living room renovation. With just the right DIY painting and plenty of feature pieces, the couple managed to score the only other perfect score from a judge in this series to-date.

    Joe noted that the living room was the best example, in his opinion, of the couples meeting the expectations of the Queensland pair. Cassie and Matt have achieved their second win for the season, placing them in a comfortable spot.

    Karina and Brian came in third place with a total score of 20. Danielle loved their studio space, but said it lacked some practical considerations, such as a sink, desk or workspace. The kitchen was also said to be too small to be a central point for the home. Don't let a lack of plumbing or fixtures let your next renovation down, too - talk to your local Kennards Hire team to see what you might need for the job.

    Just one point behind them came Bronik and Corrine from Victoria, who delivered rooms that lacked direction and were not finished as well as could be. Hopefully when it comes time to renovate your own home you'll have more than a week to do a guest bedroom, laundry and entryway - and you'll have decorating and painting gear from Kennards Hire to help!

    In last place for the second time in this series, father-daughter duo Steve and Tiana finished with 18 points. Or rather, didn't finish. With the largest zone in the house it was always going to be a challenge, but poor time management meant shopping on the last day was crazy and the butler's pantry was incomplete. Make sure that your renovation or job doesn't suffer from poor planning or budget control - talk to Kennards Hire to make sure you have what you need, when you need it and at the right price.

    With a week together in a tent as they complete the next renovation, the NSW team will have some time to consider their performance and find ways to step it up going forward.

    Coming up on House Rules

    Ready to see what the teams have up their sleeves this week? With Cassie and Matt's original 1960s home to contend with in Tasmania, the contestants could have more than they bargained for coming their way. Make sure to tune in on Sunday to see the results!

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