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    House Rules in South Australia

    Published on 11 June 2015, Thursday, 4:25 AM

    If you've only just started watching House Rules, you've joined the show at a prime time. As a quick run down of the format of the show, there are six teams that go around Australia renovating each others' homes, hoping to win the grand prize of having their mortgage paid off.

    Kennards Hire is a proud sponsor of the show, and we see ourselves as a natural fit to a programme that involves renovating homes in every part of Australia. This is not only because we have all the tools for the job, but also because we're everywhere you need us to be.

    Inspiration for your own reno?

    House Rules is a great show to get some inspiration for your own home renovation, or to take with you on the job if you're a chippy or builder.

    The first few episodes saw the complete top-to-tail renovation of Bronik and Corrine's Melbourne home. The weatherboard villa needed a bit more than some DIY painting and TLC to pull it straight.

    The home was made lighter and brighter with super-sized doors and windows and attractive pendant lighting throughout the home. For sparkies installing custom fittings, fibreglass ladders are a great way to reduce risk of electric shock, especially in wet areas or industrial settings.

    Tile cutters and table saws were used to great effect as fresh flooring graced most of the home. Exposed timber with natural grain and obsidian tiles gave the house a subdued but modern look. Flooring can be an easy fix with disproportionately large visual effects if you're thinking of modernising your own home or that of a customer.

    House Rules in South Australia

    From May 11-17 we'll be watching as the teams tackle Ryan and Marlee's home, which they personally describe as the "ugliest house in South Australia".

    The house is Ryan's first home, which he bought on his own. He sees it as the future for himself and Marlee if it can be brought up to scratch and given a fun vibe throughout. However, working two jobs to keep on top of mortgage payments and bills, it's unlikely Ryan would have the time to renovate the home himself.

    Thankfully with the help of five other teams from around the country, as well as a bunch of tools and equipment from Kennards Hire, Ryan and Marlee are set to have a fully renovated house that can be their "forever home" - as Marlee puts it.

    There will be some demolition, and no doubt tools like the Hilti demolition saw or an electric breaker would come handy, as the young couple would like to change the floorplan of their ensuite. The bathroom renovation would include a new tub and larger shower, as well as some electrical outlets and other modern touches.

    With the five zones divvied up, each couple will be put to the test to trying to produce an area that will net them the most points. Aside from perks and punishments in each round, the points do all add up in the end to count towards the grand prize. Knowing how to sand a floor or plumb a toilet is going to come in handy as teams are given new rooms and outdoor areas to tackle in each week.

    Thankfully with the skills they do pick up along the way, they'll be able to tackle any renovations in the future with confidence. However, judging by the quality of fit and finish so far, none of these teams will need to do much to improve their homes any time soon.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.