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    House Rules moves from Adelaide to Sydney

    Published on 17 June 2015, Wednesday, 11:03 PM

    One of the great things about the House Rules competition is that it moves around the country, giving everyday Australians a fair go at getting a fully-renovated home, and a shot at having their mortgage paid off. On Sunday we saw an Adelaide house completely remade, while this week, Sydneysiders Steve and Tiana hand over the keys to their family home.

    Wrapping up in Adelaide

    Young couple Ryan and Marlee were after a BAM! in every room, and they certainly got what they bargained for. One of the surprises this renovation had to offer was a recurring yellow theme, which was executed in some rooms better than others. Yellow feature tiles and cushions throughout the home added a splash of colour, as did some brightly coloured DIY painting. However, the pastel shade of the kitchen cabinetry wasn't Ryan's cup of tea, but it sure got Marlee's vote.

    Some practical considerations were short of the mark, such as a small dining table with only five chairs. It also seemed that there wasn't much communication between teams around the decks on the front of the house. While one couple made use of a mitre saw to get a 45 degree run on their deck, the other team went for perfectly horizontal flooring - quite a contrast!

    There were other areas of the home that could have used a bit more TLC along the way, including a rough paint job in the man cave and a pretty outrageous colour choice for the exterior cladding outside this room. The bar leaner on the deck was unfinished and could definitely have done with a good going over with a belt sander and some polyurethane.

    Overall, the young couple were extremely pleased with the end result of their one-of-a-kind home makeover. The scores for the round put kitchen team Cassie and Matt ahead of the pack at 23. The lowest scoring team was father-daughter pair Steve and Tiana, whose house was up next.

    Get ready Sydney

    If you're a tradie or homeowner in Sydney, get ready to see a whole new sense of style as a humble suburban house becomes a dream family home.

    Tiana and Steve are the first father-daughter team on House Rules, and they feel their blood-tie gives them a stronger bond and an advantage over other teams. The house being renovated is where Tiana and her brother Andrew grew up with their dad, after their mum passed away early on. 

    As Steve tackles life with his partner Deanne and six-year old Rory, Tiana is determined to make sure that the house is the family home they need.

    First up on the to-do list is the entranceway, which is shaded with an outdated yellow-stained glass, giving the whole house a very 60s feel. The colour scheme in the lounge doesn't help either, lending itself to some DIY painting. The paint brushes won't rest there, as the bathroom ceiling is flaking and other areas of the home need a breath of fresh air.

    A tile cutter and wet cut saw will come in handy, as the bathroom is in need of some serious TLC. With broken tiles revealing the guts of the house and a cramped shower, it's time for this room to be given a very serious makeover.

    Steve and Tiana are looking for a family friendly home with plenty of space for kids and grandkids to run around. Some improvements to safety and structure could also go a long way, as cracks in the lounge suggest the house could be sinking.

    It looks like it's time to break out some scaffolding and piles and get that house reinforced! Make sure to tune in as the house is renovated throughout the week, with the major reveal on Sunday. We're holding thumbs that Steve and Tiana get the house they deserve!

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