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    House Rules: NSW team takes home the gold

    Published on 29 July 2015, Wednesday, 9:34 PM

    What a finale. After a tumultuous and exhilarating season of renovations and rebuilding, New South Wales team Steve and Tiana Falzon have taken home the gold, and the grand prize of a mortgage free future. It's unlikely you'll see anything this exciting on TV for a long time.

    Let's take a look at what happened in this nail-biter of a finale.

    Steve and Tiana: a well-deserved win

    Tiana entered the father-daughter team in the competition as a way of thanking her dad for a lifetime of support. Steve cared for Tiana after her mother passed away when she was young, having to work hard to provide for his daughter. Now, he can go back to his renovated home without the cloud of a $250,000 mortgage hanging over his head.

    It's certainly a great present from daughter to father, and one he likely won't ever forget.

    "This is a dream come true," Steve explained to House Rules host Johanna Griggs. "I'm so overwhelmed. It's been a dream of mine for so long to pay this house off."

    For those who didn't manage to catch the exciting finale, or if you'd just like a refresher on what happened in the episode, read on.

    A secret room challenge

    For the last room in the competition, Ben and Danielle and Steve and Tiana were tasked with developing a secret room. It certainly sounds a little ambiguous, but once the brief was unveiled both teams set to work.

    They needed to overhaul the garages in each house, with Ben and Danielle having to create a space The Fonz would be proud to chill out in. This meant crazy colours and even more outrageous furniture. Steve and Tiana, on the other hand, took things a little more fancy and needed to create a 'Ralph Lauren' space. Soft colours, classy furniture and excellent lighting were the name of the game here.

    Ben and Danielle get to work

    The NSW duo kicked things off by laying out the plasterboard required for the walls and crafting a shelf that ran down to the front door. Then the team tried to suss out some great materials to give the room the required look.

    Ben and Danielle brought in a portable generator to deliver the power required, and it was certainly a useful tool when racing toward the end!

    Then, they got to work painting, creating a striking blue, red, white and black colour scheme. A blackboard menu followed, along with a neon sign, mirror, retro couch and a red carpet over the tiles. When the clock finally ticked over, Ben and Danielle could do nothing but wait to see what their fierce rivals had in store.

    Steve and Tiana deliver a winning blow

    While Ben and Danielle were moving full speed ahead creating a great entertaining space, Steve and Tiana got stuck into what would prove to be the winning room.

    They started out by taking a close look at the existing brick walls and flooring, before deciding what was needed. Plasterboard went in to cover the wall, with a mixture of subtle white and blue paint being layered on top. Excellent use of lightning helped to create a brilliant ceiling, one that made the space feel much larger.

    Antique furniture along with stunning paintings and decor rounded out the styling of the room.

    The NSW team managed to win with 19 points, ahead of Queensland's 17. Both teams did an amazing job with these rooms, but the styling of the Ralph Lauren space managed to push NSW ahead, securing them the win.

    Kennards are proud supporters of House Rules, and we're certainly excited about the future of the competition. Of course, get in touch with us if you'd like to learn more about massive range of equipment including reliable concrete equipment, tools and vehicles.

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