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    House Rules: What are you hiding?

    Published on 25 June 2015, Thursday, 4:57 AM

    If you're in the mood for an incredible transformation, the family home of Steve and Tiana in New South Wales is just what you need to see. Given the royal treatment last week on House Rules with the reveal on Sunday passed, the father and daughter pair were shocked and stunned - but not all for good reasons.

    From drab to fab

    The home is where Steve, his partner and their 6-year-old son Rory currently live, while Tiana is on the show with her dad to help him achieve a happy family home in the house she grew up in. With the top-to-toe makeover of Rory's bedroom, the House Rules teams were off to a good start. Decked out with super heroes punching through walls, we know someone had some good fun with their DIY painting job. Rory said it was "the best room ever" - and we aren't surprised.  It's every 6 year old's dream!

    The entranceway was another area that needed serious attention, with the 60s yellow glass given the whole front of the house a very dated feel. In fact, the colour scheme throughout the house was transformed, focusing and red, black and white. Of course, with those being Kennards' colours, we're fine with that.

    In the kitchen this look was achieved with glossy black cabinetry and a red subway tile, along side white aggregate floors on bench tops. If you're after the same look for your home or a client's kitchen, grab a biscuit joiner and tile cutter from Kennards Hire.

    House rules

    Two of the house rules were absolutely smashed in the bathroom according to the judges, with the teams really realising the ideal of "Styling the home like an award winning display house home". The other one they really stuck to was incorporating the concrete that Steve requested. This came in the form of concrete tiles, accented with black penny tiles and beautiful features. This is one bathroom were concrete cleaning comes ahead of scraping soap scum.

    Judge Wendy Moore noted that the teams were perfectly capable of delivering outstanding ideas and displays of creativity, but it was consistency that was letting them down. She identified this as an area that could make or break the winner of House Rules, with the leaders completely changed this week.

    What did the teams hide from Steve and Tiana?

    There were a few incomplete areas that spoiled an otherwise perfect home. The bathroom, although magnificent, had no towel rail - a serious practical oversight. The laundry doors were also poorly designed. But what was hidden from view? An incomplete feature wall in the master bedroom. Conspicuously hidden behind a black curtain, the unfinished surface was a clear disappointment to the father-daughter duo.

    Interestingly, the light shade in the WC seemed to be made out of a wall clock - the inspiration for this remained mysteriously unclear.

    Points at the end of the day

    As we learned last week, this home holds a lot of dear memories for Tiana and her dad, so it was important to them that the completed project be respectful of their family and create a place where they could all be together. Largely, it seems like the teams delivered on this mandate, with Ben and Danielle from Queensland taking out top place with their zone and a score of 22. Next up with only one point less was Bronik and Corrine, whose bathroom delighted the judges and other contestants.

    Second runner-up was Tasmanian duo Cassie and Matt on 20 points, followed by Ryan and Marlee on 19. Bringing up the rear was WA, with Karina and Brian scoring a mere 10 points for the disappointing WC and incomplete master bedroom.

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