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    How can you create a bathroom for the future?

    Published on 6 July 2016, Wednesday, 11:03 PM

    The place in a home where people feel most vulnerable is in the bathroom. It might be sitting on the loo, having a shower or washing the makeup off your face, but it's certainly a space in the home where privacy and comfort are key.

    Many people feel much more comfortable in a clean and modern space, while others will opt for a more traditional room. Whatever your style, making sure it's clean, healthy and well-maintained will keep your family, and any guests, at their most comfortable.

    Taking a futuristic approach might just be the way to happiness for you.

    Now is also a great time to go about doing some bathroom DIY. It's coming up to the warmer summer months when you'd much rather be at the beach than stuck inside working on painting the walls, or re-tiling the floor. If you're thinking about changing up the style of your bathroom, then taking a futuristic approach might just be the way to happiness for you.

    So, just what does the bathroom of the future look like?

    A step away from the traditional

    A future-led bathroom is going to look crazy to some people, but it's also going to date incredibly well as other trends catch up. Staying ahead of the curve could add significant value to your home over a number of years, and when you come to sell your property, an updated bathroom that doesn't need work can be a great selling point.

    According to a Digital Trends report, Ikea recently unveiled its concept of a future bathroom which included open storage spaces, a smart-technology focus, open shower area and panoramic glass roof.

    With the Internet-of-Things (IoT) taking shape, and more people buying smart devices, it's only a matter of time before our bathrooms see digital advances too.

    Digital Trends suggests that the future will include smart jewellery that might control a smart mirror. Panasonic showed off a version of this at the CES show in 2015. The mirror was capable of creating a makeup look on the user's face, without actually applying anything. This would be fantastic for anyone wanting to try out a new look before committing to it!

    How might a smart mirror change your bathroom time?How might a smart mirror change your bathroom time?

    The open space of a bathroom is also something that is becoming much more fitting with the modern style. People aren't opting for shower curtains or a hidden toilet. Instead, they're placing the toilet in the middle of a wall, while the shower is just a recessed floor area with a head that more rains than showers water onto people.

    These are just some of the ways your new bathroom can be designed, and it can start with the tiles. Choose one style and colour to be on the floor and the walls to create a flowing feel, and use a five-inch angle grinder to get the sizing right.

    What other styling features might be found in a futuristic bathroom?

    If you don't want to go for the tiled look, maybe concrete is the way to go. Install underfloor heating and you've got a winning combination that will look amazing for decades. To really bring out the brilliance of concrete flooring and walls, floor sanding and polishing is the way to go.

    A floor polisher from Kennards Hire is the perfect tool for this. Creating a recessed shower area in the middle of a polished concrete floor is a truly unique concept, and you'll love showering in your new bathroom more than ever if you appreciate the styling of it.

    Rediscover your love for the shower by creating a modern space.Rediscover your love for the shower by creating a modern space.

    Houzz suggests that using natural materials such as wood can be an easy and stunning way to contrast with a concrete base. Try out a few things and see what suits your style the most!

    If you need any help with the styling or direction of your bathroom DIY, give Kennards Hire a call. We're here to help.

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