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    How can you use technology to your advantage in a building inspection?

    Published on 16 August 2016, Tuesday, 12:40 AM

    A building inspection report is something that is required by law in Australia when a structure is being built - it ensures site safety and best practices are being followed during installation. Technology is making these sorts of inspections a whole lot easier, and Kennards Hire has everything you'll need.

    A building inspection report can also be requested by a potential buyer of a property, who is wanting to make sure the building is sound. Particularly for houses and apartments, people want to make sure they won't run into any problems when renovating the bathroom, for example.

    A building inspection report will highlight any issues in a building, and the right tools can help you get the job done.

    What sorts of things need to be checked in a building inspection?

    According to Australian Building Inspection Services (ABIS), a building inspection for a current construction involves checking the site conditions, any additions that are being made to an existing structure, the structural adequacy of a balcony, carport or any improvement, and every internal room.

    You can't always be sure of a reinforcement based on drawings.You can't always be sure of a reinforcement based on drawings.

    An inspection includes things such as where reinforcements are in concrete blocks. This isn't something that can always be confirmed from an engineer's sketch of the plan, so using a concrete rebar locator makes absolutely sure of it.

    When someone is buying a property, they want to be sure that what they're purchasing is safe and well-built.

    For internal rooms, it's especially important that moisture isn't present at any stage. When water gets into the frame and foundations of a home, it can lead to mould, and by extension, a weakening of the materials. That could cause problems in the future, including a possible collapse of the frame. A moisture meter is a useful tool that reads the water content in the walls, roof and floor, so if there is a leak, it will be found.

    Is a building inspection advantageous to anyone in a sale?

    When someone is buying a property, they want to be sure that what they're purchasing is safe and well-built. If it is, the seller may be able to use that as a selling point and drive the final price upward. If it is not, the buyer can use it to their advantage and negotiate a lower price. NSW Fair Trading suggests that this is common practice, and depending on your position, it may come in useful for your next property transaction.

    Kennards Hire has a large range of equipment available that can make a building inspection more efficient and accurate. As a tradesperson, it's vital that you're using the best tools on the market for the highest quality results, and Kennards Hire is the one-stop shop for that.

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