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    How do I know if I'm hiring the right welder?

    Published on 26 November 2014, Wednesday, 9:29 PM

    Welding is a job that requires different tools for various applications and materials. For welders who usually work with a specific material or who primarily do one type of welding, a different machine could be needed for one-off jobs. A prime example of this would be hiring an Oxy/Acetylene welding unit to take to an offsite job instead of lugging around your shop's heavy MIG welder 

    MIG welders

    A MIG welder is great for welding thinner pieces of material, but not so much for thick pieces of plate as it doesn't get the best penetration. Using a more powerful MIG welder or switching out the type of wire will give you a greater range of use.

    One of the greatest advantages of the MIG style of welding is the continuous feed of wire from the spool, meaning you can be highly productive, especially doing a lot of repetitive welding.

    It's also a very easy welder to use from different positions, and the clean up is a breeze. Just make sure to properly clean the surfaces to be welded before starting the job if you want a weld that will stick.

    Arc welders

    Arc welding, or stick welding, is one of the easiest methods of welding to master, which is why it is a DIY favourite. Stick welding is a robust process, and you'll be able to use an arc machine in wind or even a bit of rain without much hassle.

    You won't need as clean a working surface as when using a MIG either. Arc welders are great for fixing up tractors or doing other jobs in environments where the elements don't always play nice.

    Oxy/Acetylene welding

    Oxy/Acetylene welding, often called gas welding, is the process of using two different gases to create a precise flame for cutting or welding.

    This type of welder is very diverse in its application, as it requires no electricity. As long as you have enough gas and a flint to spark the flame, you'll be set.

    Depending on the nozzle used, you can perform different jobs, but  the primary distinction is between welding and cutting.

    Gas welding is most often used for joining mild steel, but it's also great for brazing, bronze welding and forging or shaping metal through extreme heat.

    No matter which type of machine you need for your job, Kennards Hire has all of these and more available - stop into your local store to check out the range of welders at your disposal.

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