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    How do you create a Mediterranean garden?

    Published on 1 April 2014, Tuesday, 12:26 AM

    Heard of a staycation? This is sort of like a holiday, only you don't need to travel anywhere. To partake you simply need to stay at home and enjoy all the advantages it has to offer.

    A Mediterranean garden is sure to encourage you not to travel!

    Before you get the digger organised, make sure you plan to use all the space available to you and not more.

    It is important your landscaping ideas match the size and shape of the land you are remodelling.

    Get those green fingers ready for some garden DIY with these fantastic ideas.


    Bright pavers can give the impression you're basking in beautiful Mediterranean sun.

    One idea to get that laid back vibe is to create a patio of coloured stones and round pavers. If you build this in a spiral shape, it can give the impression of a stream bubbling away, without the need for a real water feature.

    This is certainly worth a try!

    Try pavers that are shades of reddish-brown. Terracotta and tans go well, creating a warm effect in this large stone area. This will make it feel more welcoming so you are guaranteed to want to head outside to relax.


    This is not only a beautiful addition to any outdoor space but can also shade you from the dangerous rays of the sun - that's a boon if ever there was one.

    To channel Mediterranean vibes, let creepers trail up along the supporting beams of your structure.

    Let the swathes of plant meander along the walls.

    It will make you feel like you're on holiday sooner than you would have thought possible, and you could even add a barbecue patio underneath it.

    Use boldness and simplicity

    Rather than making complicated design choices, rely instead on hot colours such as oranges and reds and strong design elements that stand out on their own.

    It is almost more important to consider which elements you will leave out, rather than what you will include.

    Choose a simple colour scheme - greens, oranges and purples can come together to create a treat for the eyes.

    Many Mediterranean plants are already found in these hues, such as rosemary, thyme and lavender, so you could consider a strong colour to contrast.

    Add objets d'art

    For a really personalised garden that you can't wait to get into, add some fun sculptures or pieces of art to your garden.

    Shop around and see what you can find.

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