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    How to build a sandpit

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 12:44 PM

    Kids of all ages love playing in sandpits, whether it's digging for hidden treasure or setting up their own mini construction site with their tools.

    Rather than taking them to the park or playground every time they want to get sandy, turn your backyard into a veritable paradise for your little ones by digging them their very own at-home sandpit.

    Depending on how large you want the pit to be and whether it's in-ground or above-ground, you can use an excavator to help with the earthmoving process. Rather than digging with shovels, this machine will save straining your back and can help speed up the process.

    Map out your area

    Once you've hired your digger and brought it back home, it's time to plan the area in which you're going to install your sandpit. You may want to ensure it's covered by some shade so your kids can play in it during summer without getting sunburnt. This should be balanced with enough sun to keep the sand dry, however, so choose wisely.

    Plot out the area, usually in a square shape, and place stakes at the corners of the area so you know where to dig.

    Start digging

    Excavate the selected area to roughly 200mm below the grass, or further down if you want a deep pit. Dig out the soil with your excavator, and smooth out the ground of the pit to provide a flat surface for the sand.

    If your subsoil is hard and clay-like, you may need to install a drainage pipe or deep hole in the middle of the pit to avoid drainage problems from ruining the sand. Cover this with crushed rock or gravel and then put some soil back on top.

    Line the surface of your pit with gravel to help with drainage, then put down a weed mat or shade cloth to prevent the sand from mixing with other materials.

    Choose your border

    Simple wooden sleepers are great for forming edges around your sandpit, as they have the height and width to provide a barrier between the sandpit and the rest of your lawn.

    Lay these down around the edges of the pit, cutting the ends to form a perfect frame.

    Fill it up

    One the pit is ready, fill it with sand until about halfway up the sleepers. Rake the surface for a smooth finish and invite your kids to play in their brand new sandpit.

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