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    How to choose the right saw for the job

    Published on 26 November 2014, Wednesday, 12:12 AM

    In many trades you'll have your go-to saw. For builders it may be your circular saw, and for sparkies it's probably a sabre saw. But what if you encounter a job that you aren't equipped to tackle? Choosing the right saw for hire could be the difference between an easy job and a hard one.

    Remember that when using a saw, especially a type you are not familiar with, to take proper safety precautions. This includes wearing proper protective gear, learning how to use that particular saw effectively and making sure the job is secured and supported, amongst other things.

    Precision cuts

    As much as a sabre saw might be great for cutting a wiring hole in areas with restricted access, you wouldn't use it to rebate a wall. A wall-chasing saw in that case would be the tool of choice for a nice, precise cut.

    Another application that could require increased accuracy would be cutting down fence palings to a required length. A circular saw with a guide attached will make quick work of this if you don't have a table saw or compound mitre saw handy.

    Jamb undercut saws are great for highly accurate horizontal cuts. The adjustable blade will take your cut height from flush with the floor to 62 mm high and is useful for cutting into door jambs, baseboards and toe kicks.

    The jigsaw is everyone's favourite for precise cuts in thin materials. Cutting to a pattern is easy, as is starting a cut without slicing into the edge of your material - simply drill a hole big enough for the blade to enter to start your cut in the middle of your metal sheet or plywood.

    Demolition saws

    While a lot of people wanting to rip into some demolition would think a chainsaw is the way to go, this is not always the case. Although suitable for cutting into wood and gib walls, as well as fallen trees, etc., the humble chainsaw is no match for brick or concrete.

    Specialised demolition saws are available from Kennards Hire for really heavy-duty cutting. Wet-cut saws with diamond blades, supplied with either petrol or electric motors, will easily chew through concrete and masonry, making your demolition job easier and more fun than it would otherwise be.

    Material preparation

    If you're working on a job that requires a lot of repetitive cuts, like framing or trussing timber, a compound mitre saw could be just what you need. These are especially useful as they can cut on two different axes, allowing you to consistently achieve precision cuts at exact angles. For straight cuts along a length of material, a table saw is ideal.

    Preparing tiles or stone pavers for use requires a specialised tile-cutter, handheld wet-cut saws or a large tile saw for repetitive cuts.

    For cutting through mild steel or aluminium, a cold cut saw or a drop saw are ideal for cutting extrusion or tubing to length.

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    Nathan Mills
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