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    How to clean dust and mould in a warehouse

    Published on 13 December 2015, Sunday, 10:49 PM

    In a previous post, we mentioned that one of your big warehouse or stockroom New Year's resolutions should be to clean up the space. As we discussed, small particles such as dust and black mould can cause health hazards for certain staff, though they also make a place look like you don't care about it.

    You don't need to hire a cleaning company to tidy up your business though. Consider these DIY tips for getting your space clean for 2016.

    Dust control

    Dust will be perhaps the most common adversary you face in the fight against an unclean warehouse. It forms from a variety of sources, from dead skin that we humans shed to tiny particles caused by our work (tiny wood particles from sawing, for example). If you keep open doors regularly as people come and go, outdoor soil, pollen and so forth will also be swirling around.

    The best way to keep on top of dust is to clean regularly throughout the year, which you can encourage by assigning a regular roster to staff and making cleaning products readily available. During the shutdown period, you may also want to employ an exhaust fan to move dusty air outdoors as you clean and sweep.

    Cleaning mould

    Mould isn't just a health issue, but could also damage your stock. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that mould grows especially well on paper products such as cardboard, which is amplified in high-moisture areas (humid regions of Australia such as the far north may be affected more than the dry Outback).

    The Family Handyman magazine recommends never ignoring mould - if you see it, it needs to be cleaned up straight away so it can't grow and spread. Don't just wipe it off though, ensure you check for water leaks in case there is a source either inside the wall or on the outside. An antimicrobial spray would also be wise to use, to help prevent mould from coming back.

    If you use a lot of water to clean your warehouse over the holiday season, try renting dehumidifiers to help it dry quickly and thus reduce the chance of more mould growing.

    Don't forego high places just because you can't reach, either. Mould and dust can easily grow on upper shelves as they do low, and any stock near the top is at risk if you don't clean. A scissor lift will help you get a person up there safely.

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