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    How to complete minor gyprock repairs

    Published on 15 January 2019, Tuesday, 12:54 AM

    Accidents do happen, but DIY homeowners may take comfort in knowing that they can complete some minor gyprock repairs themselves.

    For a small hole, you will need an object that will allow you to draw a circle slightly bigger than your hole - for example a drinking glass for a hole roughly the size of a fifty cent piece. Place the glass over the hole and trace a circle with a pencil.

    Slowly cut the gyprock along the traced line with a Stanley knife and sand with some fine sand paper.

    Next, measure the diameter of the circle you have produced and cut a square piece of gyprock, ensuring the length of the sides slightly smaller than the circle diameter - this will create a backing board for your repair.

    Make a hole in the middle of your backing board with a nail and thread some string through, tying off one end. Apply some gyprock glue to the corners of the board on the string side.

    You will now be able to feed the board through the hole, rotating the piece so that the glue comes in contact with the back of the wall, pulling on the string to apply sufficient pressure so that the glue can adhere. Hold for a few moments, until the backing board is fixed in place.

    Allow to set for a few hours, then fill the hole with gyprock cement. After this has dried, follow with a finishing coat. Sand lightly, and prepare for painting.

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    Nathan Mills
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