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    How to DIY in the dark

    Published on 26 May 2016, Thursday, 11:59 PM

    The nights are getting longer and it's becoming easier and easier to put jobs off until the weekend. Rather than sit down to a full season of your fifth favourite Netflix series, hire some lighting from Kennards and do something productive like painting the house.

    After nightfall you should probably avoid the use of jackhammers, nail guns, electric tools and concrete cutters if you want to stay friendly with your neighbours. Noise restrictions in NSW, Vic and SA allow you to use power tools until 8pm, but if you're planning on renovating in Tasmania, power tools need to be down by 6.

    There are still plenty of DIY options that are relatively quiet.

    A quick revamp of the bathroom is a reasonably winter friendly endeavour. Painting a new colour on the walls and ceiling is a quick way to freshen up a tired looking bathroom but don't try to pick colours at night, even under lights. Come daybreak a creamy yellow could appear rather garish. Calculate how much paint you'll use and think about the tools and other supplies you'll need to complete the job. Hiring gear for one off projects like renovating the bathroom can be an affordable option.

    Tiling the walls is easy bathroom DIY and an alternative to wallpapering or painting. Plan it all out from the beginning by drawing the design of your tile placements on the wall. That way you'll avoid half tiles in the wrong spots. Remember to double-check the size of your tiles too. European tiles are 30cm by 60cm and yet are still labelled 12" by 24".

    Trenches in the glue will help the tiles stay in place. Trenches in the glue will help the tiles stay in place.

    Adding more storage or reconfiguring existing cupboard space is one of those jobs that often get put to the bottom of the list. Spend a night working out where you could use some more space, and pull out the measuring tape.

    In the kitchen consider putting cupboards above the counters. They will take up less floor space than installing a whole new kitchen island, and will offer places to put all of the gadgets you don't use. Hallway and laundry cupboards are often wasted with a single shelf and coat rack. An extra shelf or two down the bottom can give you compartments for vacuum bags, shoe polish, and extra extension cords. Adding shelves in the garage or garden shed can further declutter your home. 

    Stripping wallpaper is a satisfying task you can complete in a night, if not rather messy. Put down a drop sheet before you start and soak a section of the wall in a solution. Pull from the bottom corner and scrape away any remaining paper. Hiring an electric wallpaper remover can dissolve wallpaper adhesives without the need for sanding. Once you're done, scrub the walls down with hot water and detergent and ensure all the wallpaper paste has gone.

    Hire the right tools to dissolve any wallpaper adhesives.Hire the right tools to dissolve any wallpaper adhesives.
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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.