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    How to grow frangipanis in your DIY garden

    Published on 23 January 2012, Monday, 6:18 AM

    Nothing says summer has arrived like a blooming frangipani tree. While you might not be able to reap the rewards of such a beautiful plant in your DIY garden this season, perhaps you have been inspired to grow one in time for next summer.

    Frangipani trees are perfect for the Australian climate as they are drought, salt and fire tolerant.

    There are also available in a range of colours, extending far beyond the traditional white and yellow to include reds and pinks.

    Frangipanis are usually grown from cuttings and can be planted directly into the ground or into pots of sand.

    New cuttings will grow in any type of soil - although well-drained and slightly acidic is best - and should only be watered once a fortnight until a root system has developed.

    For optimum flowering, plant the frangipani in an area that gets at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

    Frost will damage stems and can cause decay, so if you wish to grow them in a cooler climate, plant in a pot and take indoors during the cold winter months.

    Frangipanis should be kept dry during the cooler months and it is best to wait until the last frost of the season and prune back to a fresh stem.

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