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    How to host the perfect Australia Day party

    Published on 18 January 2016, Monday, 12:20 AM

    It's just a matter of weeks since we said goodbye to Christmas and new year celebrations for another year, but believe it or not, the next major summer event is just around the corner. That's right, Australia Day is fast approaching, and you know what that means - it's time to start planning your next party. 

    Being such an iconic day on our calendar, Australia Day is the perfect time to really celebrate just what it means to be a part of this great southern land. That means firing up the BBQ, slapping on the cork hat and blasting some Men At Work from your stereo system. 

    To help you and your guests get into the patriotic spirit, we've put together some ideas for how you can show your national pride this Australia Day. 

    Proudly fly the nation's flag

    Unlike our neighbours across the Tasman, here in Australia we're pretty happy with our national flag, and you can expect to see it emblazoned everywhere this January 26. If you want to get in on the flag-bearing spirit, maybe you should take the time to erect a flagpole in your yard. 

    Putting up a satisfactory beam on which to hang the Australian flag isn't a huge job as landscaping ideas go, but it's important you do it right. The most vital thing you will need to do is ensure that the area where the pole is inserted into the ground is deep and strong enough to support the height.

    Making a deep, narrow hole is easily achieved with a post hole borer, available from Kennards Hire in varying diameters. After you are satisfied with your depth, inserting a length of PVC pipe can make removal of your flagpole easier - just be sure to surround the pipe with concrete for extra stability.

    Prepare your backyard cricket pitch

    There aren't many summer activities as quintessentially Australian as a good game of cricket, and each year on Australia Day thousands of impromptu backyard matches get underway. Our people are adaptable enough to start rolling the arm over no matter where they find themselves, but if you have the necessary space for it, you can make your backyard cricket game just as exciting as the Boxing Day Test.

    A few lumps on your back lawn can certainly spice things up for the batting side, however for a more authentic Aussie cricket environment, why not try and bring your pitch up to test match quality? With a lawn roller from Kennards Hire, any rough or bumpy patches up around the popping crease can quickly be smoothed out, evening up the playing field somewhat. 

    If you're on a rural property with enough land to spare, what's to stop you from going for the full oval experience? Get down to your local Kennards Hire for an easy to use paint line marking trolley, and map out some boundaries around your field.

    Don't forget about the essentials

    Obviously these Australia Day ideas are going to be a little beyond what some people are able to put together, but not every party has to be quite so elaborate. At Kennards Hire, we have all of your essential outdoor entertaining requirements accounted for.

    No Australia Day celebration would be complete without a BBQ, as well as plenty of tables and chairs, either for serving or seating. If you're planning for a party to continue well after sundown, it might be worth securing some flood lights, and depending on the size of your gathering you might even want to look into outdoor bathroom facilities.

    All of these items and more can be found at Kennards Hire. For everything you need, and even some friendly party planning advice, drop in to your local store today.

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