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    How to look after your floors

    Published on 10 April 2016, Sunday, 9:39 PM

    No matter what kind of flooring you have installed, there is always going to be the odd stain popping up, or even something chipping and cracking and pulling away from the base.

    Carpets, concrete and timber floors are widely used around Australia - be that for aesthetic and style purposes or because of practicality. It is therefore a great idea to know how to clean and look after your floors.

    To polish, or to sand

    When it comes to looking after your polished concrete, it can take regular maintenance to keep up the stunning appearance of your floor. Keeping on top of the cleaning can make the concrete last a long time, but there is a real need to stop dust and other particles from acting as sandpaper and taking away your beautiful aesthetic.

    Once this has happened, though, you will need to rejuvenate the material, and that's where a floor polisher from Kennards Hire will come in handy. There are a number of different applications that you can use the machine for by simply changing out the disposable pads.

    Wooden floors also take some care to keep looking and feeling amazing underfoot.

    Wooden floors also take some care to keep looking and feeling amazing underfoot. Cleaning wooden floors requires regular mopping, but you'll need to ensure that there is very little water actually on the timber surface to avoid damage. It's also ideal to follow the grain of the wood with your strokes so that the mop doesn't catch on and splinter the wood.

    Occasionally, you'll want to bring your timber floors back to life. A simple floor sander will let you get the best out of that beautiful wood, and disposable bags attach to the machine to make collecting the dust and debris a breeze.

    The soft option

    Many people love their carpets because of how comfortable and soft they are for walking on. While it isn't practical to have in a bathroom or kitchen, bedrooms and lounge areas are made much more homely and warm with the addition of carpeting.

    Can you make your floors shine?Can you make your floors shine?

    When your carpets do run out of steam and start to look a bit worn and stained, an easy way to bring life back to them is with a carpet and fabric cleaner. Stains will come out easily with the right products, and the steam cleaning is going to liven up your floors no end.

    Talk to Kennards Hire today to find out more about hiring floor care equipment.

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