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    How to Lop a Large Tree - EasyTV Ep.2

    Published on 29 July 2019, Monday, 6:07 PM
    If you're ready to get rid of that big, unsightly tree on your property, your first thought might be to call someone and pay them to do it and take away all of the debris. However, there are certain scales of large tree removal projects that with the right gear and safety parameters, you could be able to handle. 

    In this episode we'll cover the key steps you'll need to take in lopping a large tree using elevated access. If you have a smaller tree to lop, check out episode 1 here.


    To successfully remove a large tree from your property, you'll need a range of tools.  The tools you'll need to use for any large lopping include:

    • A cherry picker to reach the tallest branches.
    • A small chainsaw to make more precise cuts in smaller branches.
    • A pole pruner to reach branches that are further away.
    • A large chainsaw to cut through the thicker parts of the trunk.
    • A wood chipper to create mulch.
    • A log splitter to make bigger bits of wood easier to transport/deal with.

    Kennards Hire has the experience and know-how to help you with your next DIY project. For more information get in touch with your local branch today.
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    Nathan Mills
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