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    How to Lop a Small Tree - EasyTV Ep.1

    Published on 18 November 2017, Saturday, 10:15 PM

    Safely cutting down a isn’t as difficult as some might think. If it’s in some open space and can fall without damaging other property, the toughest part of the job is out of the way already!

    You need to focus on is making the tree fall in the right direction, and then sawing it up into smaller parts that can be split for firewood or chipped.

    Using power tools such as chainsaws and a stump grinder to lop a small tree requires preparation and the right tools. Watch Milsy take you through an overview of how to lop a small tree to help make your job easier.

    If you have a bigger tree, check out our Large Tree Removal guide here.


    The size of the tree you want to cut down will determine what equipment you need, but there are generally six power tools you'll use for tree lopping:

    • A small chainsaw for the lighter materials and branches.
    • A large chainsaw for heavier materials and the trunk of the tree.
    • A log splitter to make the larger pieces of wood easier to deal with.
    • A stump grinder for getting rid of the stump after the tree has been cut down.
    • A chipper for turning the timber waste into mulch or making it easier to dispose of.
    • A cherry picker to provide a stable platform for you to stand on when lopping the higher branches.

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