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    How to make a hutch for your small pet

    Published on 18 September 2014, Thursday, 9:24 PM

    If you own rabbits, guinea pigs, or other small animals, you've seen the cheap and nasty hutches out there and realised you could make a nicer one yourself. Here's a quick how-to to make sure you have all the angles covered.


    You'll need some heavier timber (between 50 x 50 and 75 x 100 millimetres), and some lighter timber (around 25 x 50 millimetres). Make sure your wood is not treated or painted in any way to keep your pet from getting sick.

    You'll need wire mesh, somewhere between chicken wire and 50 x 50 millimetre mesh, depending on how big your pet is, in addition to some roofing material and latches and hinges for any doors. You can upcycle with your hutch project. Anyone tearing down an old garden shed will have almost everything you need.


    Draw it first. This way you'll know how much material you'll need, and also what tools you'll need for the job. When sketching your project out, decide on what joints you are going to use. When you cut your wood to length, you may need to do 45 degree cuts for mitre joints. A mitre saw on a stand is ideal for this. Butt joints are OK, but you'll need to reinforce them to maintain rigidity.

    Design your hutch to keep your animal(s) in, but also to keep unwanted animals out. If your roof is on an angle, note the angle down so you don't forget it. Make sure to include a totally enclosed space for the animal to rest.


    Assemble your frame first and go from there. Your lighter timber will be good for doors and roof struts. When you have your frame together, staple your mesh along your walls, doors, and if your animal will dig, the floor too. If you have mesh on the floor, make sure it's flush to the ground and not suspended to prevent injuries. Lastly, the roof. Angled roofs are good to make sure the water runs off. Fasten the roof to your struts. You may decide to put the roof on a separate hinged frame, so you can open the hutch from the top.

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    Nathan Mills
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