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    How to paint a home: Preparation

    Published on 24 January 2019, Thursday, 4:02 AM

    Once you have decided to undertake some DIY painting on the outside of your home - either to spruce it up or completely re-work its colour scheme - there are a few considerations and preparations to attend to before painting begins.

    Firstly you will need to estimate how much paint will be needed.

    If the exterior walls are shingled or covered with stucco or other masonry work you may require a lot more paint than with flat, smooth surfaces.

    Secondly, you may like to attend to any repairs that might impact the application or drying of the paint.

    Rust marks on siding and eaves, leaks in gutters and downpipes, cracks and mildew should all be taken care of before applying any pigment.

    Thirdly, make painting easier by removing exterior fixtures like lightbulbs, house numbers and mailboxes, shutters and awnings.

    You can give them a good clean while they are waiting to be re-fixed, adding an extra layer of sparkle once the painting has finished.

    Perhaps most importantly, before painting commences make sure that the walls are clean and free of any debris, cobwebs, plants and dirt.

    If the walls of the house or the surface of a metal fence to be repainted have a build up of surface dirt or mould, a small pressure washer or water blaster will clean them off quickly and efficiently.

    A dirt-free surface can assist with the application and drying of the paint and the washing process will help you identify any last-minute repairs or sanding that needs to be done.

    When dealing with a large wall surface, or lattice or fencing, you might like to consider hiring an airless paint sprayer instead of using brushes or rollers - it can get the job done quickly and economically, with minimal overspray.


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