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    How to quickly transform your backyard into an entertainment area

    Published on 16 November 2016, Wednesday, 11:53 PM

    Picture the scene. You decide to throw an impromptu barbecue for friends and family at your house this coming weekend. Your excitement is quickly dampened when you take a cursory glance at the back garden, the scene of the coming party, and your mood instantly sinks. Though the yard is hardly a wreck, it's not really suited to entertaining, something that it will be doing in just a few days' time.

    Never fear! It's possible to transform even the most despondent of back yards into an entertainment area equal to the grounds of Buckingham Palace, with a little last minute planning. Here's the Kennards Hire guide to getting it off the ground. 

    Clear the canvas

    Before you can start updating the look of your entertaining space or upgrading it with the very latest and greatest in entertainment technology (even if it is only for a weekend barbie) you'll need to prepare the area properly. There's really nothing too cerebral about this process - you're largely removing any clutter and garden waste that has built up over the months and years. With a little motivation and a couple of hours to spare, you can get rid of everything that makes your garden look untidy, giving you a far cleaner canvas to work with. Weeds, random bricks and old scaffolding poles are all fair game, so fill your boots - and your skip!

    With a little motivation and a couple of hours to spare, you can get rid of everything that makes your garden look untidy.

    Invest in outdoor furniture

    Of course, a barbecue is about as informal a dining occasion as it gets, what with standing around with your sausage sangers, burgers and bacon butties discussing last night's footy results or who will win The Block. Even so, all that walking, standing and talking can take its toll on your legs, and a nice sit-down will come as welcome relief to most. 

    Additionally, it's always handy to have somewhere to set your drink or have a sit-down meal if you'd prefer a more formal affair. This is where outdoor furniture comes in. All you need are a few chairs, perhaps an all-weather settee and a table. There are countless selections out there for you to choose from, and there's no reason why you can't use old furniture that lies collecting dust, forgotten in your loft or shed. 

    If you're feeling especially creative, you could fashion some furniture from natural materials, or remake some of your existing garden furniture. You'll need the correct tools to get the job done, so hire away with Kennards and get cracking!

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    Paint and decorate for extra effect

    You probably never really considered giving your garden fence and other outdoor fittings a fresh lick of paint in preparation for a party, but it's incredible what a difference it can make. In Australia, where we enjoy warm, sunny weather for much of the year, peeling paint is a common occurrence. This is because when it is exposed to the sun's UV rays over a prolonged period, the paint's oils break down and it deteriorates.

    You'll markedly enhance the appearance of your garden if you take the time to give the fence, gate and other elements a new coat of paint.

    You'll markedly enhance the appearance of your front and back yards if you take the time to give the fence, gate and other elements a new coat of paint, making it appear far more inviting to your guests. As an added bonus, modern paints can last for several years, so your outdoor fittings will be looking fresh for several barbecues and parties to come!    

    Add the entertainment technology   

    The final, fun part of transforming your back garden into an area designed for entertaining comes with choosing what kinds of technology you'll be putting out there. In this day and age, you have a huge choice of relatively cheap options for outdoor entertainment, which can quickly and easily be installed either by yourself, or a professional if you don't quite feel up to the task.

    Your first choice should almost certainly be speakers. These don't have to be the big, ugly black behemoths of the yesteryear - many speakers are especially designed with the aesthetics of the garden in mind, often being camouflaged out of sight. Under the cover of darkness, the effect is even more profound - with multiple speakers, you'll be able to create an awesome surround sound experience that will make you the envy of your street!

    Painting your garden fence will improve the aesthetics of your garden.Painting your garden fence will improve the aesthetics of your garden.

    If you've got your mates round to watch the cricket this summer, what better way than to sit out in the sun with a few beers, barbecue and a big screen? Outdoor screens are a doddle to install, and many can be taken down and put away for another day after the match has ended. Be sure to hook it up to your sound system for extra atmosphere!

    As always, be sure to get in touch with the team at Kennards Hire for all of your hiring needs - we're always available to help!   

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