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    How to sand a floor

    Published on 16 April 2019, Tuesday, 4:55 AM

    If you've got hardwood floors in your home, congratulations! The feature is one of the most longed-for in the interior design industry, so it's time to make the most of what you've got.

    Floor sanding isn't as difficult as you may think. Just follow these tips to ensure you do the best job possible.

    Remove everything from the room

    Sanding wood can be a dusty, messy job. Protect your home by removing as much as possible from a room before you start sanding. Cover anything that can't be removed, such as light fittings and fixed furniture, and seal around doors to ensure dust doesn't spread through the house.

    Choose your sanders

    You may need more than one floor sander to get the finish you desire. You can easily hire these from Kennards Hire, and ask the company's knowledgeable experts what tools you will need for the job.

    You may want to use a drum sander, edging sander and corner sander to ensure you reach all those tricky spots and get a smooth result.

    Stain your floor

    After sanding you might want to apply a clear sealer or stain to your floor to give it a bit of colour and shine.

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