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    How to spread Christmas cheer on your jobsite

    Published on 17 April 2019, Wednesday, 4:43 AM

    If your traffic control or roadside construction job will keep you going right up until Christmas, it can be hard to maintain a festive spirit. You've got shopping to do, meals to prepare and you're probably longing for a holiday, but that doesn't mean it's all doom and gloom!

    Make the most of working on the roads this Christmas by spreading seasonal cheer around your worksite and to passers by.

    Decorate your tools

    As long as you don't breach any safety requirements, consider decorating your traffic signs and barriers with Christmas decorations. You could wind tinsel through barricades, light up your stop/go signs with flashing LED lights or attach baubles to the end of road markets. Cones could be topped with Christmas ornaments and you could even construct your own sign wishing road users a safe and happy Christmas.

    Check with your site manager before undergoing these decorations to ensure they comply with safety codes, and, make sure that everything is tightly secured to avoid any mishaps.

    Look the part

    If you've got a flexible dress code on the job site, think about ways you can modify this to bring a smile to your colleagues and road users. Your high-vis vests could be bejewelled in Christmas gems, or you could even use battery or solar-powered LED lights to provide an extra sparkle at night.

    Team your sturdy work boots with novelty Christmas socks for a more subtle nod to the season, or go all out and paint your boots green and pair with red and white striped socks for a Christmas elf effect. You could wear a Santa hat or reindeer ears over your hard hat to complete the look.

    Make safety a priority

    Keep safety at the forefront of everyone's minds this Christmas. Often roads can become extremely congested and drivers can get impatient during the silly season, so try to minimise the risk of accidents by hiring traffic lights, road signs, barriers and anything else that can help look after both road users and your workers.

    If you get the chance to chat to drivers - perhaps as they slow down to pass you or have to stop to let other traffic pass - spread the festive cheer and remind them to take care of themselves and others on the roads this Christmas.

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    Nathan Mills
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