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    Illuminate your rail operations with Linklite

    Published on 30 June 2017, Friday, 5:24 AM

    Working on rail systems, whether at night or underground, requires sound lighting systems. Linklite is one such product, and it's available from Kennards Hire today. A standard set of seven lights stretches over 70 metres of rail, so you won't need to fiddle around with hundreds of lights just to cover 100 metres of track.

    The Linklite lights use fluorescent lamps to provide illumination (20,000 lumens at the lamp), which are energy-efficient and low voltage, making them safer in high-risk, conductive environments. If you need lighting for your rail project underground, in tunnels, parks, and on bridges or even driveways, make sure you use the best product.

    Linklite products are designed to light up dark environments, just like streetlights.Linklite products are designed to light up dark environments, just like streetlights.

    What are the advantages of using Linklite systems?

    Linklite is an efficient lighting solution - it can save you as much as 80 per cent on running costs for the duration of your project, because they only run 110 Volts through the lights. They're powered by a special Linklite generator, which features a Plug'n'Play system. This means the lights cannot be interrupted by any other power source, because the lights are the only thing that work with the generator, and the generator is the only thing that can power the lights. We also have step-down generators that can run off 240 Volts and convert to 110 Volts.

    The fluorescent lamps are watertight, so they're safe to use outside or in an underground environment where dripping water is present, and could be dangerous if other lighting systems are used.

    For work at night or underground, few systems offer as many benefits as the Linklite lights.

    One of the major advantages of using a Linklite system is that you won't need multiple generators to power multiple light relays. You can run as much as 280 metres worth of lighting from one 5 kVA generator, so if you're only working on a shorter piece of rail track, one generator will suffice. This is also a great option for working in residential areas, as it is quiet.

    The lights are attached to a mesh steel base which is durable and flexible, so a ballast weight like sandbags can be added without risk of damaging the light. The small footprint of the Linklite system means it's great for high-traffic footpaths (as it won't be disruptive to pedestrians), and it can extend up to 2 metres high.

    For work at night or underground, few systems offer as many benefits as the Linklite lights. For more information about why this might be the right product for your next project underground or in a dark environment, make sure you contact your local Kennards Hire rail branch.

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