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    Improve your home facade for better street appeal

    Published on 31 March 2016, Thursday, 9:14 PM

    If you ever walk up to your home and think 'that could really use some work', then don't wait any longer for a solution.

    Kennards Hire has the right tools for you to improve the street-facing side of your house, and the work could potentially add a lot of value. Domain Group suggests that an improved or updated facade can add anywhere between $40,000 and $100,000 in value, simply because of how important a first impression can be. When do people make their first impression? Well, when they walk up to the front door.

    Getting there

    If you have a pathway leading to your front door, then it might pay to give it a bit of a sprucing up. In vogue right now are concrete pavers set amongst lush grass and garden beds. Pavers are simple to install by using a half-tonne chain block, and the surrounding grass and garden areas can be made as low- or high-maintenance as you wish. Transporting the supplies and equipment with a wheelbarrow will speed the processes up too.

    For a real touch of class to your new entrance path, enhancing the concrete blocks with a floor polisher is easy and adds aesthetic appeal.

    It can be easy to make your home facade more welcoming.It can be easy to make your home facade more welcoming.

    Shiny and new

    Once the pathway has been improved, the next step is to really make the facade pop for anyone walking to the front door. A new coat of paint can help here, both on the walls and the front door.

    An airless paint sprayer can make the job efficient and professional with an even spread of your chosen colour. Exterior paint can help a property to shine, as well as adding protection from the elements such as rain, UV damage and blistering of materials. For those hard-to-reach places, use a three-metre aluminium trestle for safe access.

    The same sprayer can be used for the front door, and a fresh pop of colour could add some serious street appeal. Why not try a vibrant red or a cool blue? It might help to entice potential buyers down the pathway, so this project is perfect for any homeowners looking to sell in the near future.

    What can you take away from this? Hopefully a bit of inspiration, and take encouragement from the fact that simple changes that are potentially very inexpensive can add up to $100,000 of value to your home. Not only that, but a fresh coat of paint adds protection from the elements, making your house last longer.

    Contact Kennards Hire today and get moving on making your house stand out in your street.

    What colour will you paint your house?What colour will you paint your house?
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