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    Infrastructure Australia Audit raises some questions

    Published on 29 February 2016, Monday, 1:31 AM

    Tradies and contractors around the country will have their ears ringing with news of the Infrastructure Audit - the first of its kind. The substantial enquiry by the federal government assesses the state of current infrastructure and initiatives, and the needs of the country going forward. There is a lot of work to do, according to the report, so get ready to hire a digger and get out there!

    According to Mark Birrell, Infrastructure Australia chairman, the time for action is now. The report has revealed several glaring areas that need urgent responses in order to get Australia back on the road to economic and social growth.

    "Experiences of transport networks failing to keep pace with demand, water quality standards being uneven, energy costs being too high, telecommunication services being outdated, or freight corridors being neglected are now so common that they necessitate a strategic response," Mr Birell said in a May 22 statement.

    Some key findings from the report include the fact that the demand for public transport in our capital cities is expected to double over the next 20 years. Imagine all the bus lanes, railways and roads that will need to be built - excavators, cement mixers and traffic signs will be in big demand before long!

    It's not just the audit that calls for urgent action. Jackie Trad, deputy premier for Queensland, says the government's current commitment to improving transport and road networks is simply not good enough.

    "It's been eighteen months since the government published an infrastructure priority list and in that time the problems of congestion and population growth have only gotten worse," she said in a May 22 media release.

    When the time to get these projects off the ground rolls around - which won't be long at this rate - make sure to talk to your local Kennards Hire about sourcing the right tools for the job.

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