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    Installing a swimming pool in your home

    Published on 14 May 2019, Tuesday, 12:31 PM

    There's still plenty of heat left in the Australian summer, and nothing lets you cool down quicker and more easily than your very own backyard swimming pool.

    There are many options when it comes to getting a pool installed, but if you know your way around your power tools and aren't afraid of mucking in, why not do your own garden landscaping and put the pool in yourself?

    Inground pools are easy to install yourself, so check with your council, get any permits required and start digging!

    Set out the area

    The first step is deciding how large you want your pool to be and where on your lawn it will be placed. Look for areas away from overhanging trees, as debris from these can drop into pools and increase the frequency of cleaning tasks.

    However, trees can come in handy for providing shade, or you could consider erecting a shade cloth or canopy near the pool to help keep your family from suffering sun damage while swimming.

    Dig the pool

    Hire an excavator to help dig the ground up to form your pool. You'll need to dig at least three inches deeper than the pool, as you should place gravel or sand underneath the pool. The directions on your pool kit should tell you exactly how deep you need to dig.

    Make sure the pool is on even ground and avoids any underground plumbing and gas lines. Once the hole is the desired size, place the gravel or sand at the bottom before installing the pool.

    The pool should sit slightly above ground level so that rainwater doesn't drain into it. Follow the instructions on your kit to put the pool in place, then backfill the hole around it.

    Install your plumbing and accessories as per the manufacturer's instructions. Once you complete the construction, you'll need to clean out debris and vacuum the entire area before filling the pool with water. You should also balance the chemicals in the water to ensure it's as healthy as possible - this kind of regular pool maintenance should be undertaken throughout the duration of your pool's existence.

    Once the pool's complete, consider paving or landscaping areas around it to highlight this area as a focal point. Put out sun loungers, stock up on pool toys and cool off in the summer sun.

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    Nathan Mills
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