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    Introducing the Athena HE scissor lift

    Published on 9 October 2017, Monday, 12:48 PM

    Kennards Hire is giving their customers the ability to reach new heights with the exclusive introduction of the latest all-terrain access equipment from Aspac – the Athena HE.

    Exclusive to Kennards Hire, the Athena HE scissor lift is highly flexible and extremely stable - providing solutions to a wide range of professionals and making formerly difficult jobs much easier by way of greatly improved capabilities for accessing tricky areas. It’s just one new product we're launching in our continual drive to bring you the most innovative new technologies and solutions to help you do your job better, faster and safer.

    This scissor lift is compact and lightweight, meaning it's easy to navigate at ground level and transportation is a breeze. It utilises the best new technology and takes the benchmark for a reliable scissor lift to new heights.

    The Athena HE represents the pinnacle of access technology.

    What features does the Athena HE have?

    The automatic outriggers are state-of-the-art external legs that stabilise the Athena HE on inclines up to 23 degrees along both the X and Y-axis of the machine, allowing the scissor lift a truly remarkable range of movement without sacrificing stability. This is the first time an all-terrain scissor lift has combined these features into such a flexible and sturdy piece of equipment.

    Independent tracks mean the Athena HE is extremely versatile in terms of terrain. The independent tracks mean the scissor lift can quite efficiently manoeuvre through uneven terrain. Rather than struggling to climb inclines or swaying side to side, the tracks move independently of one another to provide quicker and safer movement across a worksite.

    Single door access is possible since the Athena HE is only 796mm wide, meaning it fits through standard doors with no trouble. With the rails folded down, the total height comes to a minimal 1880mm. This makes the Athena HE ideal for any work area, whether you're working inside or out this scissor lift can easily access areas no other scissor lift can.

    An extendable and collapsible basket can reach heights up to 7.8 metres. The extension capabilities provide further access in extreme situations. The deck slides out to double the length of the basket, and is capable of carrying up to 250kg. The railing of the cage walls can also be raised for additional safety or lowered to provide better access to difficult areas.

    The dual power source means you can enjoy the Athena HE's full range of features anywhere you need to work. It features a Honda petrol engine for use beyond typical power supply limitations, though it also can be powered by 240v power supply if you're working within range of one.

    The Athena HE is easy to tow given its smaller dimensions and the fact it weighs a mere 1730kgs. This is relatively light for a scissor lift, especially one with such excellent features. The lightweight makes it easy to tow for most work vehicles and as such the Athena HE can be utilised across multiple sites in any one day of hire.

    What can the Athena HE do?

    A better question would be 'what can't the Athena HE do?' Tradespeople who need a reliable and flexible solution need look no further. If a general all-terrain scissor lift is too big and rigid in its movements, if scaffolding is too expensive or cumbersome, if your work area is on an incline or decline - the Athena HE is the answer to your problems.

    This is a fantastic tool for painters working on large projects. Those managing vineyards or orchards can also benefit from the flexibility the Athena HE provides. Facilities managers can provide better maintenance by accessing difficult areas. Arborists and landscapers can safely reach new heights. Even lighting and audio riggers can do their jobs more efficiently through hiring an Athena HE while setting up events.

    Where can you hire an Athena HE?

    The Athena HE is exclusive to Kennards Hire. We pride ourselves on providing the best equipment and tools for every job and we're excited to have the Athena HE as part of our range.

    For those in New South Wales, you can get your Athena HE from our branches at Girraween, Artarmon, Alexandria and Penrith. Those in Victoria can hire the all-terrain scissor lift from branches in Richmond, South Melbourne, Doncaster and Geelong. Queenslanders should visit Tweed Heads, Springwood or East Brisbane branches to get their hands on this machine. The Athena HE will be arriving in New Zealand in mid September 2017.

    The Athena HE is a fantastic piece of equipment that offers a huge amount of manoeuvrability with its independently moving tracks, automatically adjusting outriggers, compact design, and extendible basket. The dual power sources make it perfect for any work environment, and it's light construction makes it easy to move from A to B. To get your hands on an Athena HE, contact the expert team at Kennards Hire, and we'll make your job easy.

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    Nathan Mills
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