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    Introducing the Triple Threat

    Published on 9 February 2015, Monday, 7:47 PM

    This week on The Block: Triple Threat we saw a sad farewell to the last of the eliminated rookies, and a rousing welcome for the three all-star couples. However, there was surprises ahead for all involved.

    Final rookie eliminations - bathrooms

    Four rookie teams were whittled down to three to go forward to The Block proper as Blockheads. In the final elimination round the teams were renovating a bathroom in a very short amount of time - too short for some. While all of the remaining teams at this point were strong contenders with a flair for practical and fashionable designs, meeting the tools down deadline on The Block is just as important.

    Josh and Charlotte

    Making it through to the next round, Josh and Charlotte effectively created a peaceful and subdued design that the judges loved. It was called both simple and considered by the judges, and this was evident in the finishes. Without being too flashy, the couple managed to work in signature finishes like a handmade recessed cupboard behind the mirror.

    Jess and Ayden

    This couple made some bold moves with their styling and tiling that paid off in the end - although the judges felt there could have been less of the feature tile so that the room would not feel closed in. Some minor oversights, such as a lack of draw or cupboard storage and an unfinished door were not enough to hold Jess and Ayden back as they progressed to the next round.

    Tim and Anastasia 

    Presenting a bathroom that was at once both luxurious and practical, this couple made excellent use of the limited space they had available to them. Combining a beautiful marble mosaic floor and wall, with a feature polished concrete wall made the space interesting and textured, while a cheaper tile helped ease back both the visual experience and the budget. Even a less expensive option can look good if you use a good tile cutter and patiently fix your tiles to the wall.

    Luke and Ebony

    Sibling pair Luke and Ebony were unfortunately unable to proceed to the next round, and it all came down to time pressure and poor planning. While the couple exhibited good design taste and equally great DIY skill, time management let them down. A missing door and shower screen as well as some mismatched fittings were the downfall of this dynamic duo. Unfortunately this pair had to pack up their drills and saws and head home from the competition.

    Moving onto the next round of eliminations

    Yes, that's right - another elimination round. Although the rookies have now all graduated to Blockheads, there is more in store. This week the all-star teams were introduced: Bec and George, and Kim and Matt - both from The Block: Sky High in 2013 - as well as Darren and Dee from last year's The Block: Glasshouse.

    The "triple threat" comes in the form of three experienced and competitive DIYers who won't take this competition lightly. While the newly graduated Blockheads are competing for a $10,000 bonus towards their reno budget, the returning couples are fighting for one spot on the show.

    If this wasn't enough, all of the teams were introduced to the big red building in South Yarra they will be calling home for the duration of the competition. It was a bit of a "horror move in" with the small apartments having been left in a state of disrepair and questionable cleanliness. Dust and leftover furniture were the least of the teams' concerns, and bathroom hygiene and excessive pet odour ranked pretty high on the list of not-so-pleasant experiences. Some cleaning solutions and waste bins from Kennards Hire might be on the cards before much work is done.

    In the exciting weeks ahead the four remaining Blockhead teams will be transforming the rundown apartment building into luxury accommodation worthy of a significant price tag at auction. However, as always, there can be only one winner, so we will be watching with bated breath as the teams develop and display their awesome DIY skills in what is set to be one of the best seasons of The Block yet.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.