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    Keeping Maintenance Works on Track

    Published on 19 July 2017, Wednesday, 3:16 PM

    Kennards Hire Rail equipment

    At six re-railing sites along the Cootamundra provisional centre rail corridor between Wagga Wagga and Moss Vale, Kennards Hire Rail supplied 18 of their new Rosenqvist CD 200 with an e-Clip head clipping machines.

    The Rosenquist CD200 is a walk-behind clipping machine with a sleeper lifting capacity of 50mm. It is a user friendly product that requires just a single operative and makes switching sides or working direction simple and is easy. Weighing approximately 215kg the unit has mounted handles and can be lifted by four men as well as a single lifting point on top for a mechanical lift. It also features dual rail seats and an interchangeable work head, enabling other tools to be fitted. “Having the ability to hire rail equipment as needed is great for our business,” said Peter Vesperman, Project Manager South, ARTC. “It adds to convenience and cost-effectiveness if our own equipment is being utilised on another project site.

    “With Kennards Hire having a national branch network, it allows us to have equipment delivered no matter the location. It also means we don’t have to purchase equipment we may only use a few times during the year,” he added.

    Matt Martin from Kennards Hire Rail visited the various sites providing training and advice on the  new clipping machine to the maintenance crews for the duration of the works. “Having Matt on site was a great benefit. He provided excellent service and was very responsive to our needs,” said Peter.

    Hire Rail maintenance equipment from Kennards Hire

    The Australian Rail Track Corporation Ltd. (ARTC) plays a critical role in the transport supply chain. The ARTC network is used to move a range of commodities including general freight, coal, iron ore, other bulk minerals and agricultural products throughout Australia. Its network is also important in providing access for interstate and inter-city passenger services.

    In addition to the new Rosenqvist CD 200 clipping machines, Kennards Hire Rail also supplied eight weld trucks and a number of rail maintenance equipment. This included mp12 rail grinders, rail borers, petrol impact wrenches, trolleys and a range of rail welding equipment and sundry hand tools.

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    Nathan Mills
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