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    Kennards For Kids shines a light on children affected by trauma

    Published on 10 December 2018, Monday, 2:29 AM

    This spring, Kennards Hire is making a difference in the lives of children affected by domestic violence, bullying and neglect by supporting KidsXpress through its annual Kennards For Kids campaign.

    Believing in the importance of nurturing and improving the lives of society's youngest and most vulnerable, Kennards Hire has shown its support for KidsXpress's commendable work that improves the lives of children affected by different types of trauma.

    KidsXpress is an Australian charity that assists children aged four to 14 overcome the challenges and obstacles they have sadly faced in their short lives.

    With support from the Kennards For Kids campaign, KidsXpress can continue its valuable work with children, helping young kids recover from a wide range of traumatic experiences such as bullying, family illness, abuse and neglect and family breakdowns.

    KidsXpress is a dynamic program that provides children who are facing challenges and loss in their lives with different creative avenues to deal with their trauma.

    The organisation helps youngsters overcome difficulties in their life with music, art and drama therapies - providing them with the foundations to reach their full potential as both children and adults.

    Learning positive coping mechanisms for life helps children deal with life tragedies and also equips them with strategies to manage challenges and obstacles they may face in the future.

    KidsXpress's innovative approach combines music, art and drama therapies in a way that has never been done before – and it works - providing vital assistance to not just children, but also families and local communities.

    The charity's expressive therapy program sees children partake in a ten week program, where each youngster attends a 90 minute session weekly with up to five other kids, and three fully trained and accredited expressive therapists.

    The impact KidsXpress can make is best expressed in feedback received recently from the mother of a boy aged 13 who completed the program:

    “Simon* has made wonderful progress from… going to KidsXpress. [He is now] brave enough to speak up for himself and voice his wants and needs… The difference is just so incredible. It is like two different children. Simon is no longer suicidal. He finds joy in the world and is lighter in going about his life.”
    *Name changed to protect child’s identity.


    Kennards Hire is lending a hand of support to KidsXpress and its children this spring by donating money to the charity through its annual Kennards for Kids campaign.

    DIYers and home renovators around the country can show their support for the worthwhile cause by heading to Kennards Hire for all their equipment and hire needs this spring.

    During the months of September and October, one dollar from every hire contract will go towards children's charities across the country, including KidsXpress.

    There are thousands of children across the country in need of services and programs like KidsXpress - to make a direct donation to this charity, head to their website at or show your support on Facebook at

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