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    Kennards Hire Making Worksites Safer For Pedestrians

    Published on 14 February 2018, Wednesday, 11:30 AM

    Kennards Hire continues to lead the improvement of traffic management industry standards with the announcement of patented Flexi-edge system Pedestrian Trench Covers to its extensive traffic product range.

    The new product is designed to reduce trip hazards and unwanted product movement, enabling customers across a broad range of industries to implement safe, efficient workplaces and traffic zones.

    pedestrian trench cover

    Thanks to increased loading and innovative design, Pedestrian Trench Covers are incredibly stable without bolting, helping to reduce installation time and the costs of reinstatement. While installation isn’t required in most cases, Pedestrian Trench Covers can be fixed in place if site conditions are poor.

     A patented Flexi-edge system helps minimise unwanted movement, greatly reducing trip hazards for pedestrians. With the central section of the Pedestrian Trench Covers crafted from glass reinforced composite, they’re built to handle it all – they can cover a 900mm trench for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and 1200mm for weights up to 400kg!

    trench cover placement

    While heavier than traditional trench covers due to the PVC anti slip edge and higher load rating, the Pedestrian Trench Covers are much lighter than steel plates, making them easier to maneuver and transport for driveway applications.

    Troy Clauss, Manager of Traffic Products at Kennards Hire, said the company continually strives to expand its collection of traffic management products, and giving customers increased access to safe and innovative products is something they greatly value.

    trench cover under car

    “The Pedestrian Trench Covers have helped to improve the efficiency of traffic management, making roadwork zones and construction sites significantly safer for both workers, pedestrians, and motorists.”

    “When hiring through the Kennards Hire network, customers will have complete access to our traffic control and management service. Our highly trained and experienced traffic control professionals also help deliver and set up equipment according to the necessary safety regulations.”

    The Pedestrian Trench Covers are available to hire from selected Kennards Hire branches across Australia and New Zealand. Contact your local specialist branch for further information or visit {{config path="web/secure/base_url"}}

    For all media enquiries please contact Liz Eassie, Kennards Hire, on (02) 8805 6170 or, or Angela Pham from Men at Work Communications on 0468 994 884 or


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