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    Kitchen design: Leave room for experimentation

    Published on 2 April 2014, Wednesday, 11:37 PM

    Cooking can be a relaxing experience, and many use their time in the kitchen as a way to unwind after a stressful day in the office. One way to ensure you reap the healthful benefits of cooking meals from scratch could be by contemplating the design of your kitchen.

    Around 34 per cent of Britons surveyed by Mintel report feelings of relaxation when in the kitchen whipping up a delicious treat for friends and family, while a further 19 per cent say they leave their weekends open for experimentation in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and methods during their down time.

    It's no wonder then that the design of your kitchen could be an important element to consider if you ever plan on selling your home, as it is likely potential buyers could be strongly considering how easy it is to make delicious meals in the space.

    Here are some of the top kitchen design tips to consider.

    Invest in concrete

    Concrete is a durable surface that can handle all the wear and tear you could expect a kitchen to handle. Plus, it is easy to care for.

    In fact, it is increasingly becoming common for bench tops and sinks to be created from this easy-to-care-for material. 

    Neutral colour scheme

    If you plan on updating your kitchen to make it look more modern, one of the first areas you may look at revamping is your walls. After all, giving them a lick of paint is one of the easiest ways to give the room added freshness and vitality that may encourage you to get cooking.

    When you plan on doing dome DIY painting, make sure you do a test patch with the colour you have planned and remember neutral colour schemes are often the most popular.


    One common kitchen complaint is the lack of storage space - make sure you have allowed plenty of room to fit all your dinnerware, cutlery, serving ware and other equipment safely into your kitchen area.

    Another tip to bear in mind when redesigning the space is to allow for accessibility. Remember it may be troublesome for some elderly people to manoeuvre themselves around your kitchen and reach everything comfortably.

    Small changes such as lowering benches by a centimetre or switching cabinet knobs for easier to grasp handles could make all the difference.

    Many people will also be looking for docking stations or power points to charge their phones or listen to music while preparing delicious snacks. See if you can install one of these in your kitchen.

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