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    Landscaping ideas with trellises

    Published on 28 February 2019, Thursday, 4:45 AM

    Spring is coming up so it's a great time to get outside for some garden DIY and prepare for the coming months.

    A simple and effective way of sorting out those unruly vines and flowers is with trellises, and whether it's something you build for yourself or you buy pre-made, they can be used in several capacities around the garden.

    You have the option of free-standing trellises, wall-propped trellises and arched trellises. A mixture of these three can be a good way to cover up unsightly fences and create different levels within your garden without having to wait for trees to grow.

    If you're going to plant tomatoes to grow as a vine you will need to find the indeterminate kind, which can grow to heights of at least five feet. Trellis support is required as they can often become too heavy to hold their own weight.

    There are countless varieties of flowers that will make any trellis look stunning, so pop into your local store and ask the pros which one will be best for the time of year that you're thinking of planting.

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    Nathan Mills
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