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    Last minute Valentines gift ideas

    Published on 13 May 2019, Monday, 9:54 PM

    Although traditionally Valentine's Day gifts include flowers, jewellery and chocolate, who says you have to stick with the same old? Why not surprise your loved one with a gift from the heart this year, and a promise to build something truly spectacular?

    Here are two great DIY projects you can undertake in your home and garden this February.

    Love seat

    This romantic chair is the perfect symbol of your love - give him or her the plans so they know it's on its way. There are plenty of instructions online and it is important to find one to fit the space you have your heart set on.

    You can choose to make an outdoor or indoor love seat, but whichever you decide upon, you will need some tools. A Jigsaw, drill, sander, level and measuring tape are absolute requirements.

    The first step of putting together a love seat is cutting the pieces for a seat frame and attaching the legs to the frame, with extra feet for better stability.

    Then the chair back needs to be assembled using your jig saw before adding the back support and then the arms.

    Finally you will need to attach the seat slats and then sand everything down before applying a coat of stain or a lick of paint and adding some cushions for comfort.

    Planter boxes

    This is an easy project that does not require much specialist knowledge. Just make sure you choose wood that has not been treated as the chemicals could leech into your veggie garden.

    Use wood planks to make a 30 cm deep box. Layers of 15 cm work well or 12 x 2 pieces that are 3.5 metres long. You will also require galvanised screws, a level, drill, latex paint and scissors.

    Cut your wood into the right dimensions and paint it in order to protect it from the effects of water and rot. It is best to use a latex-based paint as it is safer in this case, since oil-based paint could taint the produce in your garden.

    Then you can put the box together. Use a level to ensure the sides are all at right angles. Start with the frame, add the side panels and then the end panels.

    Make sure you sand any rough edges and corners to prevent any splinters. You can also paint or stain the box to match your home decor if you wish.

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    Nathan Mills
    Nathan is a seasoned Kennards Hire team member passionate about empowering DIYers in their projects. He loves everything DIY and brings together years of equipment and project experience to help customers get the right tools for their next job.