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    Low maintenance ways to transform your backyard from bland to grand

    Published on 10 May 2019, Friday, 12:50 PM

    Your backyard says more about your home than you think, especially if you spend a lot of time entertaining guests outdoors. Unfortunately, maintaining an elaborate garden can prove to be time consuming and difficult for those without a green thumb.

    For low-fuss ways to update your backyard this summer, take a look at these tips for garden DIY inspiration.

    Japanese gardens

    Not only do Japanese gardens look beautiful and feel tranquil, but they are also very easy to maintain. Select plants to suit your climate and top soil with rocks for a zen-like effect. Pebbles not only look attractive, but they are also a low-maintenance ground cover.

    Some plants in Japanese gardens are, by nature, low or no-maintenance. Look for mounds of green moss to place in between pebbles, and a few other green plants. This garden design tends to be quite minimalist, so bright flowers and clutter should be avoided.

    As water is the essence of life in Japan, it should be present in your garden. Ideally fresh running water, whether it's in a stream or water fountain rushing over pebbles, should be used, but a simple bowl filled with water and lily pads can also have a soothing effect.

    Bamboo is a perfect plant to use in a Japanese garden, especially as a fence or unique feature. Aloe vera is great to use in hot areas as it's hugely drought resistant, plus has many additional medicinal uses.

    Select the right plants

    If you're not interested in being out in your garden all weekend, select plants that suit your climate and conditions. Sun-loving plants are great for those in warm areas without too much shade.

    Dwarf and slow-growing plants are perfect for homeowners without the desire to prune and pinch plants frequently. Tall flowers and vegetables often can't support the weight of their own flowers and fruit, which requires staking, caging and sometimes erecting wire grids. Eliminate this problem by selecting dwarf shrubs or compact plants that don't exceed four or so feet.

    Watch out for plants that grow rapidly, as they can spread and take over the entire garden without proper care. Similarly, delicate plants like delphiniums and hollyhocks require extra care and attention, which may not be ideal for those who want more of a low-fuss area.

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