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    Making safety a priority on any project

    Published on 28 February 2016, Sunday, 7:59 PM

    Safety is one of the most important parts of any project, whether it's DIY deck construction out in the backyard or something a little more professional. Not taking the necessary precautions, or failing to use the right safety equipment, could lead to costly setbacks when equipment is damaged, or even serious injury.

    Safe Work Australia explained that there were 11 work-related notifiable fatalities in May this year, with bystanders accounting for two. There's no doubt that there were countless other injuries on work sites and in homes.

    It's clear that there's room for improvement, but what equipment is necessary to make safety a priority - at home or at work?


    Having proper lighting in place is one of the more important safety considerations, wherever you are. After all, you'll never see a miner go to work without spotlights in place. So what lights are best?

    Balloon light towers are one of the better options, providing illumination across a pretty substantial area. As they're not directed, you can place one of these in the backyard or on a worksite and not worry about where the light is hitting.

    Where directed light is necessary, for example in a house, flood light stands are a great option. These are easily portable and make working at night or in dark places extremely easy.

    Controlling traffic

    Little is as disastrous as a vehicle getting into trouble on a worksite, especially if there are people inside. Those involved in mining will understand this issue, and that's why there are so many safety precautions in place on these massive industrial sites.

    To keep vehicles out of harms way on a home renovation project or a worksite, traffic control is necessary.

    Barriers and barricades are a simple solution, ensuring that vehicles are directed away from any hazardous areas. Small railing can be an excellent way to even keep trucks off grass if you've got vehicles coming onto your backyard.

    For more permanent barriers, try concrete. These are rigid, and crash tested to 100KPH. This means there's no chance of a vehicle barreling through and onto a construction site.

    Galvanised steel barriers are an excellent way of controlling crowds, or keeping pedestrians out of a worksite.


    Accessing heights on a worksite, or even just at home, is always going to be tough without a ladder. What's more, it's also highly unsafe. Climbing onto a roof without the necessary footing that a ladder provides is a recipe for a serious fall and subsequent injury.

    Thankfully, safe ladders are easy to hire, transport to wherever you're working and then erect. We've got extension ladders for going just that little bit higher, and platform ladders for painting ceilings and carrying out repairs. Step ladders are a great way to work at various heights without bringing in additional equipment.


    Like ladders, trestles are essential tools when working at heights. These pieces of equipment come in a variety of sizes, and they're easy to transport and deploy. When painting, a trestle is invaluable, providing a safe working platform for staff at heights.

    If necessary, they can also be linked together with scaffolding planks to form long working areas. What's more, this means you won't have to climb a ladder if you need to access another area of the worksite.


    We've taken a look at the serious safety gear you'll need to keep people safe on and around a worksite, but what about providing adequate warning? On many construction sites, the project will be underway for a period of several weeks or months, and this means both pedestrians and workers can become complacent.

    There's an easy solution: appropriate signage and warning equipment.

    For example, put cones in place to direct cars and foot traffic around certain areas. Use traffic control signs to enforce speed limits, bring workers to the attention of drivers, and stop vehicles when it's necessary.

    Hazard warning tape is excellent for temporarily blocking areas, for example a stairway that's not yet completed or perhaps an empty pool.

    Cones, also known as witches hats, are a great way to direct traffic during roadwork, or to alert people to the presence of a hole in the ground.

    Ground protection

    Ground protection mats are the best way to protect grass and other surfaces from tyre damage, and they're also perfect for keeping people safe behind the wheel. With mats laid down, drivers won't have to worry about losing grip on a surface. 

    Injuries and fatalities are easily avoidable when the right safety processes are adhered to, and safety equipment plays an important role here. Whether at home or on a worksite, ensure you've taken all the necessary precautions and have the right safety tools and equipment in place.

    To learn more about what gear you can actually hire out, get in touch with Kennards Hire.

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