When carrying out a DIY project - big or small - it is vital to ensure you won't be breaching any council laws and that your work abides with any strata, body corporate regulation that may apply.

Whether you are adding an extension to your house, building a fence or tackling a garden landscaping job, carrying out some checks before you start work will avoid any red tape issues down the track.

Once you have finalised your renovation or building plans, verify that it abides with any body corporate or estate requirements, as well any council regulations.

If you are unsure, give the council a call to go through your project and they will inform you if any development application is needed.

Even a renovation that may involve a change to the position or change of an outside window can require approval from the council so it worthwhile verifying your project in detail.

If using tradespeople to carry out a part of your renovation, it is advised to check that they are licensed - a dodgy builder may avoid red tape issues which could see you in hot water with the council.

Owner builders carrying out work will also require the correct permit, which is acquired by completing an education course with a certified trainer. Mandatory insurances may apply as well.