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    Making track jacking easy with the Self-Propelled Track Jack

    Published on 21 March 2018, Wednesday, 2:05 PM

    Rail jacking has become even easier with the recent addition of the Self-Propelled Track Jack to the Kennard Hire range of specialist rail products. 

    self-propelled track jack

    Kennards Hire’s Product Expert, Andrew Trainor, said introducing new products like the Track Jack SP demonstrates how the company constantly aims to improve their service and increase efficiency for their customers.

    “We’re proud to have the Track Jack SP because not only will it make our customers jobs easy, but it’ll also make working around rail tracks much safer. Workers can be a safe distance from the site, which will reduce the risk of injury by a great amount. Not only that, but they can also drive their excavator around whilst operating the Track Jack SP.”

     self-propelled track jack

    Maintenance will be safe and simple as the Track Jack SP is self-propelled by a hydraulic drive axle, complete with a fail-safe braking system and manual emergency hand pump. Being able to lift a generous amount of up to 7000kg means tackling low-lying sleepers stuck deep in the ground is no longer an issue. With the option to choose between insulated and non-insulated rail wheels, the Track Jack SP can glide up and down the rail with an adjustable speed of up to 5km per hour.

    The Track Jack SP is exclusive to the Kennards Hire Rutherford Rail Branch, but there’ll be no issues freighting this innovative product across the country. Weighing at only 650kg and reaching 1 metre in height, it can easily fit onto a standard truck to transport for any rail projects. It also has a set 1435mm gauge, allowing it to fit onto any standard gauge rail track around the country.

    For information on other gauge units including 1067mm Narrow Gauge and 1600mm Broad Gauge contact your local Kennards Hire Rail branch.

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