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    Mining operations drive demand for pump products

    Published on 5 March 2019, Tuesday, 4:21 AM

    As the mining industry in Australia shifts from massive extraction projects to smaller operations run by junior miners, Kennards has witnessed a jump in demand for pumps and related products that can easily relocate liquids.

    One mine in particular has benefited from Kennards pump products. The operation hired a 4.5 tonne high head multiflo CF48 pump that can handle 160 litres of liquid per second. All this is run through an 800m by 150mm discharge hose that can be easily balled up for transportation.

    With mines often digging into Australia's water table, pumps are crucial for keeping pits dry.

    "When mine operators flatten out the tailings area, collective rain water must be pumped  out immediately to prevent spillage into the environment," Brett Collier, key account manager at Kennards Pump and Power, stated.

    "The size of the excavation holes from mining creates very large catchment areas. The urgency for removing water is compounded by substantial or seasonal rainfall."

    Kennards has several pumps to choose from, including silenced products for neighbourhood worksites and submersible pumps, which are often the favourite choice for mud, sewage, sludge and slurry pumping projects.

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