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    More female tradies needed in QLD

    Published on 15 January 2019, Tuesday, 12:56 AM

    As the year draws to a close, Queensland's minister for women is continuing to urge more females to consider working in the building sector.

    Speaking to the Brisbane Times, Karen Struthers believes that the construction industry may be able to offer women better pay, as the government focuses on addressing the "economic inequality" between men and women.

    "(I've been saying) 'hey look, think outside the box, think about a career in the trades, in the construction, mining, energy sectors, that's where a lot of the job opportunities are and that's where the bigger money is too'," she told the Fairfax Media publication.

    "They are the better paid jobs, once you get a trade you can run your own business. Childcare and hairdressing are popular choices for women and they're the lowest paid.

    According to the Plumbing Industry Council, only eight of the 11,979 qualified and fully licensed plumbers in the Queensland are female.

    However, Master Builders Association far-northern regional manager Ron Bannah believes this statistic is set to change, as women are beginning to become more involved across all building industry fields.

    "This year through TAFE and Construction Skills Queensland we've introduced 15 female apprentice electricians into the industry locally,'' he said.

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