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    Operating equipment and machinery in bushfire prone areas

    Published on 13 February 2019, Wednesday, 12:45 AM

    January has been a very hot month indeed for many parts of Australia, with communities in Tasmania devastated by the bushfires that swept the island more than a week ago.

    The Herald Sun reported today (January 17) that Victorians have been warned to prepare for "severe fire conditions" as temperatures as high as 43 degrees are forecast for the state.

    Total fire bans have been put in place in parts of Victoria, with Melbourne also expected to reach 39 degrees today. It's also searing hot in South Australia, with Adelaide hitting 42 degrees.

    If you're working with equipment and machinery or supervise these operations, then it's important to be aware of fire regulations and safety precautions.

    When a Total Fire Ban declaration has been made it's important to cease work that is prohibited by this ban once it is announced.

    The NSW Rural Fire Service has issued a handy bushfire safety publication that deals with using equipment and machinery in bushfire prone areas.

    The publication details what is prohibited on days of total fire ban, bushfire danger season obligations and other useful information.

    On days of total fire ban gas cutting in the open air, grinding, welding, and soldering (with flame) are - in most cases - prohibited by the Rural Fires Act, though there may be some exemptions granted.

    If possible, it's advised use of machinery such as chainsaws, slashers and tractors be postponed as the risk of starting fires is "extremely high".

    You can find out more about bushfire danger season and machinery from this NSW Rural Fire Service document.

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