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    Pump hire assists with outdoor event preparation

    Published on 18 January 2019, Friday, 1:19 AM

    If you are a civil contractor employed to upkeep a relatively large outdoor area, the final responsibility is likely to fall on you when it comes to the presentation and functionality of the surface at a major public event.

    Whether your venue is a sporting ground preparing for a carnival or grand final, open field set to host a music festival or unused block of land adjacent to a tourist landmark and requiring a certain level of aesthetic appeal, heavy persistent rainfall can sometimes wreak havoc with the state of the turf.

    In many cases pump hire is the best solution to the problem. A build-up of water or mud with some solid debris may cause significant disruptions or delays to an event - especially if the organisers feel the ground will not be ready to host hundreds or thousands of guests.

    The amount of unwanted material to be removed will dictate what type of pump you hire, with small units ideal for relatively low-level drainage issues and heavy duty devices such as skid mounted pumps able to disperse of significant flooding and difficult-to-manage sludge.

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    Nathan Mills
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